Get your HOUSE and YARD ready for THE HOLIDAYS!!! 

Incandescent: Less expensive then L.E.D. lights, BUT uses more energy, runs hotter, and you have to replace most of them every two to three years. Can only run about 70 ft of lights before using other outlet.

L.E.D: More expensive then incandescents, but save at least 80% of energy. L.E.D. lights do not get hot and are brighter then incandescent. You can run 860 ft of lights off of one outlet!!

These are YOUR lights on YOUR house and we will install them YOUR way!! If you need lights, I can purchase them with the agreement of reimbursement. Need decoration ideas? 
We can help with that too!! As part of our installation service, decorating ideas are at no additional cost!!

Have CEDAR WARRIORS hang your lights for you!! Let US take the WORRY of SAFETY out of your hands!!

Call Us: 651.890.7260 or Email Us:

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
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