A SIMPLE, and SAFE way to clean your Asphalt roof!!

CEDAR WARRIORS uses a light pressure washing system and cleaning agent to help loosen algae and kill any moss or mold buildup to safely and easily clean your roof. By removing the algae, moss and mold, it will significantly prolong the life of your roof, saving you money!!

Moss and Mold, will destroy your roof by eating right though the shingles!! It doesn't take long before the moss and mold bury your roof. When that happends, you will need to replace it, costing YOU MORE MONEY!!

Algae, what an eye sore!! Moss and mold eat off of the algae and then it spreads like wildfire!! Algae starts off looking as if someone shot black paint balls at your roof and it slowly rolls down. Algae on your roof causes moisture to take longer to dry. Mold and moss will grow due to the excess moisture, causing your roof to deteriorate.

Cleaning your asphalt roof in a timely manner is the INEXPENSIVE way prolong the life of your roof!!

Call CEDAR WARRIORS TODAY to save your roof!!

Call Us: 651.890.7260 or Email Us: renew@cedarwarriors.biz

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Renewing your roof is an INEXPENSIVE way to save it!!
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